Fulfill the requests

From an idea to a project: fulfilling the requests of the customer

Masp Arredamenti offers a design and preparation of commercial spaces service upon request. The collaboration of Italian partners with foreign ones, the continuous research for innovation and technology, have made it possible to create items that can be formed into a variegated and manifold way for the realization of shelving for the preparation of impeccable shops in the most minute structural detail.

All this is possible thanks to a preventive design carried out by a competent and prepared technical team, which after evaluating all the customer's needs and the characteristics of the commercial environment, is able to put on paper a small artwork. The bespoke shelving design service allows you to create ad hoc solutions that are perfect for enhancing the merchandise and creating a practical and comfortable working environment.

From a project to reality: a perfect commercial space

The theoretical design of the sale outlets equipment is followed by the manufacture of the products, carried out with the most suitable materials for the type of commercial activity, the kind of item and the needs of the customer. The realization is made with technologically advanced automated systems in the well-endowed company carpentry that covers an area of 4 thousand square meters.

Thanks to an internal technical office with experience on how to set up a shop, an equipped production space and the presence of specialized craftsmen, always attentive to the use of materials and details, it is possible to design and set up different sale outlets: fashion shops, businesses that market food products and any other kind of store.

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All the solutions by Masp Arredamenti

With Masp, the ideas to furnish a shop are many and varied, depending on the tastes and the type of product that is marketed. For years this company has been dealing with the design and set-up of shops in the fashion industry, creating solutions that enhance clothing, footwear and accessories, transforming furniture into a fundamental marketing element.

Those looking for how to set up a children's clothing store, a bag shop or any other type of product can find the answer at Masp. The lines of products for the furnishing of commercial activities, do not concern the fashion sector exclusively, they also extend to other commercial categories: hence we boast shelving for shops selling hardware, objects, household goods, telephony, accessories for cars and motorcycles, for parapharmacies and all what can be conceived.

Within the company there are also all the solutions to set up a fruit and vegetable shop or a grocery store: Indeed, Masp offers a well-endowed range of equipment for the food sector.

Here a specialized team, upon request, deals with design and equipment according to the project of furniture as well as with the internal layout related to the different items. During many years of activity, the set up food outlets are several throughout Italy and abroad. All the phases of design and preparation of the store are managed by a group of professionals, who work together to provide unique and functional solutions, suitable to create a unique atmosphere in the commercial premises.