Equipment for the health sector

Among the display solutions for shops by Masp Arredamenti there are several products to furnish the health sector environments, such as for example the parapharmacies, but not only. The pieces of furniture are many and varied to set up or renovate rooms of different sizes, whether the large or the small ones, even with special features. The shelving units for parapharmacies by Masp are modular and composable, therefore perfectly suited to the needs.

Furthermore, in all cases, upon client's request, a competent internal technical team can be available to take care of designing and implementing tailor-made ad hoc preparation. In order to get the best from a practical, qualitative and aesthetic point of view, the company is always working paying attention to the latest technical innovations and those related to the materials.

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Furniture for parapharmacies

Thanks to Masp's long course experience in the design and creation of furniture for commercial activities, today we can offer furniture for parapharmacies able to meet the high quality standards required by the most demanding customers, offering them at affordable prices. The professionalism of this company is guaranteed by the numerous projects carried out at the sale outlets throughout the Italian territory (and not only) and by the fact that customers continue to choose it every day.

The furniture designed and manufactured is selected according to market requirements and adapt itself to different environments, having a high level of customization. Each article meets the needs of merchandise exposure of drugs, medicines, health products, studied in correspondence with the customer target of parapharmacies and the health sector. Customers, in a well-furnished environment, with the right equipments and display solutions will feel comfortable and more disposed to purchase.

Furniture for parapharmacies: a wide range of products

Many products are available at Masp to set up health care outlets, such as parapharmacies, orthopedic supplies stores, pharmacies and such like. The colours, the dimensions, the models are different to adapt themselves to the type of environment that the customer intends to recreate.
You can then find counters for parapharmacies, counters with glass, tops, displays, drug drawers, various paneling for parapharmacies, equipped and even back-lit one and shelves of several kinds.

The products boasted by Masp are at the best market prices, despite the high quality standard, as also certified by Asacert.