Furniture for fruit and vegetables shops

Masp has a long-standing experience in furnishing several types of commercial activities and is renowned for offering its clients high quality, well-structured and solid equipment, cared down to the smallest details. All that at a competitive price on the market. Our strong suit is working with the attention of traditional craftsmanship, even with innovative technological materials and tools.

Masp performs these skills and abilities to furnish sale outlets moreover in the particular food sector, including fruit and vegetable departments within larger companies and shops specialized in the greengrocery trade.

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Fruit and vegetables shops furnishing: practical, functional, flexible and beautiful.

For customers and in collaboration with them, an internal team of well-assorted technicians is responsible for designing and creating furniture for fruit and vegetable stores apt to be flexible, sturdy, resistant and suitable for the display of food products of this kind.

In this sector in particular, the manager of the activity shall manage to achieve quick and practical layout changes, depending on the type of product and the size of the package, varying with the cycle of the seasons.

The equipment for fruit and vegetable shops, like all those in the food sector, require practicality and functionality: when it comes to food products, we need materials that can be managed, dismantled and easy to clean.

In this way the operator who works there will be favoured and the goods will be better displayed to the public. From an aesthetic point of view, the focus is on offering customers the goods in sloping crates easily accessible or on low displays, so that they can see and touch them with their hands. For this type of product, visual and physical contact is a fundamental point for the customer.

A complete range of displays for fruit and vegetable shop

At Masp it is possible to find a series of innovative and cutting-edge furnishing complements, based on a strategic modular system. This particular structure allows the personalization of the same according to the environment and your own needs. You can choose modern coloured, practical and sturdy metal ledges, platforms in characteristic wood, shelves of various kinds perfect for the market garden sector, with simple or customized backrest.

Then again mobile hooking shelves, drawer units and countertops, fixed or slant stands, crate storage bins, wall counters, floor displays, etc. The colours, the materials, the types are many and different, so the customer can surely find what he is searching for his sale outlet.