Furnishing for bakeries and pastry shops

Masp offers a complete line of equipment for excellent certified quality bakeries and pastry shops, with an attractive design and at a competitive price on the market. The materials, the colors available, the patterns are many and different so that each customer can create the environment according to his own wishes, without ever having to settle for a mediocre solution.

Manufacturing equipment for a food business means fulfilling two needs: on the one hand there is in fact the need to arrange for the preservation of food and on the other to the requirement to enhance it and display it well. In the food sector, indeed, it is important that the product is displayed in its best form, appearing genuine and tangible, especially from the customer point of view, having to choose and purchase it.

The attractive design and the accuracy of the finishes are therefore apt to satisfy these needs. For hygienic reasons, it is also necessary to use materials and lines that are easy to clean and manageable by the staff, besides that wear resistant over time. To achieve all that, it is necessary that each furnishing complements is designed and created by a competent and meticulous technical team, such as the one of Masp, consisting of design experts, artisans, advisors, interior decorators etc.

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Case History
Case History

Furnishing for bakery and pastry shop

All the display solutions that can be found in the Masp catalogue are the perfect result of the comnination between traditional craftsmanship and attention to innovations and the most advanced technology: the furnishings boasted are therefore beautiful, functional, sturdy and high quality.

The modular composition of the equipment allows it to be suitable for all the rooms, both the large and the small ones, optimizing the space and rendering it at the same time cosy for the customer and comfortable for those who work there.

The shelves for bakeries and pastry shops are treated in various components down to the smallest detail or finish, in order to ensure stability and resistance for several years.

The atmosphere that the furnishings and shelving for bakeries and pastry shops branded Masp convey is relaxed and romantic, a perfect balance between design, craftsmanship and technology, where it will be a real pleasure to spend your time.
All the furniture for pastry shop and bakery, create the sale outlet you desire

At Masp the customer can find a complete and well-supplied range of display solutions for his bakery or pastry business. So it is possible to find large and functional counters for those who work, coordinated glass cases to display the items for sale and the shelving.