Furniture for wineries, wine shops, wine bars

To set up wineries, wine shops, wine bars and make them welcoming places to enjoy excellent wines and quality food products, Masp offers a complete range of functional, specific and beautiful furnishing items for the sector. In such a particular environment it is good to choose furnishing complements that are suitable to meet their practical function of containers of products, but always keeping discrete, and enhancing the presentation.

Each wine has its own character and a unique story to tell and it should be for no reason overshadowed. In addition to aesthetics, however, the furniture for wine shops and wine bars, requires special features that allow the best conservation of wines, so as to enjoy the freshness and fragrance at the opening, without affecting its organoleptic features.

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Case History
Case History

Line of furniture for wine shops and wine bars:
care for the product

Masp's artisan class always matches perfectly with the distinction of the venue to be set-up, thanks to the finishes and the variety of styles and colours, which make each composition unique and special. The modular and composable structures, a truly innovative and strategic solution, allow any theoretical design on paper to become real.

This type of "tailor-made" furniture enriches the environment and completes it with a perfection to the tee, in order to exploit the space to the best.

This is only possible thanks to a close-knit team of specialized technicians of various kinds, such as designers, interior designers, artisans, merchandisers, etc. Dealing in collaboration they manage to create furniture that takes into account all the needs that may arise in a winery, without forgetting the aesthetic and marketing side, since it is a public space.

The essential, minimal and clean lines of the furnishings are perfect for creating an elegant and classy environment, always without neglecting the product that must remain the undisputed ruler of the room.

The displays, designed according to the single type of product to be placed therein, do not exhaust their function in containing the products, but are always conceived to show them to the public in the best way, so that the latter shall appreciate them and be attracted.

Furniture and shelving for wine shops: a wide range of products

The Masp collection of displays and shelving for wine shops, wine bars and wineries is made to be perfectly suitable to the premises of different large or small sizes. The types are different because even in these environments the needs are several, as well as the products present therein. Indeed those entering a wine shop or wine bar today, in many cases do not just purchase the products, but tastes and savours them. Among the furnishing complements therefore necessary in these commercial activities, there are: specific shelves for bottles, display cases, counters for sale, shelves, food shelving gondolas, etc.