Equipment for gardening and pet shops

Masp is one of the leaders in the field of equipment for sale outlets of various kinds, now also for gardening stores, plant nurseries and pet shops. This company is known throughout Italy for the professionalism, seriousness and punctuality with which it works, offering its customers excellent quality furnishings at a competitive price on the market.

The display solutions proposed are innovative and functional, thanks to the design of single composable modules, which make it possible to structure a furniture, essentially to measure.

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Equipment for gardening and pet shops

Furnishings for pet and gardening shops: several quality solutions

Each item is conceived and created on the basis of the needs of each product category, so that in addition to having comfortable and functional displays, the customer shall have a nice and cosy environment, in which working is a real pleasure.

Each furniture complement boasted by the company is also made in order to enhance the single product it must contain.
For pet and gardening shops, Masp offers wall or center-room shelving, sales counters, display cases, shelving plans, wall shelving with hooks and blister and many accessories of various kinds for the display of all the material of the industry.