Furnishings for pet shops

Today purchasing is an experience that must involve all the senses, in fact, having good and assorted products may not be enough to retain customers. The displaying layout, the ease in finding goods, the tidiness, the neatness are important factors for a shop and they may also depend on the furniture. Masp is perfectly aware of that, for this reason it has worked for many years in the field of equipment, always trying to highlight the functionality of furnishing complements and of the aesthetics.

For the pet sector, the company therefore boasts a line of specific equipment for pet shops with elegant and modern or more classic lines, whereas each item shares the feature to be beautiful and well structured as well as suitable to meet the practical and functional needs. In a pet shop, in fact, the goods to be managed are so many and therefore it is necessary to organize them in the best way with specialized and flexible furniture, allowing layout changes whereas required.

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Functional and stylish furnishings for pet shops

Customers can choose between modular display solutions tested and designed according to the market demand or furniture for pet shops tailor-made by a specialized technical team, consisting of designers, interior decorators, advisors, artisans.

Thanks to the skills and experience, the company can furnish all the commercial premises to the best. It is merely necessary to understand what kind of need are to be satisfied, so as to conceive the right furnishing formula, just a bit of imagination and a good dose of experience, that for the Masp staff certainly is not missing.

A wide range of furnishings and displays for pet accessories

Masp's choice in the catalogue is wide and varied, in fact it includes a series of shelving and furnishing solutions with modules of different sizes, freely combinable according to a composable principle. From the classic metal wire display, to resistant metal solutions, sales counters, wall shelving units equipped for different types of packaging, specific displays for foods, baskets, cages, kennels, beds, leashes and collars stands, grooming items and toys, shelves for antiparasitics and repellents and much more.

All furnishing items are studied in detail to ensure quality, durability and maximum convenience. If the customer already has a precise idea, it will be possible to realize it; otherwise, by evaluating the available environment, we can plan a solution together: MASP responds according to the needs.