Furniture for gardening shop

Masp Arredamenti boasts a line of quality gardening shop equipment at an affordable and competitive price on the market, suitable to provide a cosy and comfortable environment. The design of the furnishings is captivating and perfect for enhancing all the particular products of this sector. For the gardening and the external environment of the house the items for sale are many, both the small and the large ones, and therefore they have to be well arranged in the displays to be easily available.

Each type of product requires a specific piece of furniture that houses it, for this reason, we propose specifically designed and "made to measure" or modular solutions. Thanks to this kind of displays it is possible to furnish large or narrow rooms, optimizing the available space. The shelving for plant nurseries structured specifically for the sector shall enhance the goods for sale, without ever overshadowing them, but rather framing and rendering them interesting and attractive to the public.

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Furniture and shelving for plant nurseries and gardening shops:
functionality and aesthetics

The display solutions offered by Masp are many and varied, but they have two objectives in common: to meet the practical needs of the sector and to satisfy the aesthetics requirements for a public place.

The lines are simple and clean, the structures allow you to organize the goods and achieve a linear and orderly sale outlet where it is a pleasure to spend your time and have shopping.

This type of furniture shall not only be apt to house the goods for sale, but also to enrich them and make them unique and special. The character and the imprint to give to the store depend on the desire of the store manager, but given the variety of products it is always possible and however the aesthetic result shall be excellent.

The modularity and the use of innovative and resistant materials, allows those who have to work in the shop to easily manage the displays, compose, clean and move them as needed.

Furniture for gardening shop: several quality products

The display solutions offered by Masp are beautiful, with clear lines, design-fashioned, functional and cared even in small details and finishes. Each product reflects the company's way of working, which on the one hand is constantly looking for innovations in terms of materials and technologies, on the other it still works with the meticulousness of the traditional, precise and accurate craftsman.

To furnish gardening stores, and plant nurseries, the company avails itself of a well-matched team of technicians composed of specialized figures. In the catalogue you can browse all the products for the sector: resistant shelves, apt to withstand heavy weights, displays of various sizes, equipped walls, sales counters, hooks of various types, floricultural counters and many useful accessories.