Equipment for fashion and apparel

One of the strengths of Masp's range for shop equipment is the range of shelving for the fashion and apparel sector. For all types of sales in the industry, such as clothing for men, women and children, accessories, shoes, bags and such like, the company features a wide choice of furnishing complements of various colours, materials, types, for the creation of the perfect sales environment.

The advantage of having modern modular composable shelving is evident when the spaces are exploited to the fullest, even when the layout of the walls seems completely inappropriate and difficult to optimize. Masp's display solutions, on the other hand, make every store attractive to the public, as well as a practical and comfortable workplace. The company avails itself of architects, designers, graphic designers, skilled craftsmen, capable of designing and realizing fashion stores of high quality and design standards.

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Equipment for fashion and apparel

Shelving for high quality clothing stores

Available to Masp customers there are unique and strategic furnishings to set up sale outlets within the fashion industry, which thanks to the work of professionals in the sector are suitable to combine the best of architecture with a scenic display of the items.

Clothing, accessories, shoes, inserted in a framework of cutting-edge furniture and aesthetic taste will give life to a sale outlet with a welcoming, innovative and functional feature.

Any type of product shall be featured to the best of its shape, as required by the visual merchandising of the fashion industry, creating a contact with customers and inviting them to increase their purchases.

Each of the furniture products for clothing boutiques is designed and realized according to the real needs of the industry, 360 degree-well-finished: from its main components to the smallest structural detail. The high standard of quality of the shelves and of the Masp equipment is in fact witnessed by Asacert, which has awarded the company the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Fashion store furnishings: a wide selection of displays

For the creation of style and fashion stores, Masp has designed and created modular display solutions of various kinds to perfectly suit to all environments, from the most classic and elegant to the trendiest and simplest ones. To furnish sale outlets in the fashion sector, the product catalogue offers a varied selection of: wall shelving for shoes and backpacks, displays for bags, displays for small leather goods, furnishing solutions for footwear, wall paintings for shirts, clothes hooks and hangers, staved panels, shelves of various kinds, in glass and wood, sale counters and much more. You are spoiled for choice.