Furniture for leather goods and accessories shop

Masp has been dealing with the preparation of commercial activities of various types for several years and manages to provide the customers with a full range of high quality items, designed and created according to the specific product category. By this way, the furnishing complement is not simply a support or a container for the item, on the contrary it becomes the perfect frame to enhance it.

The experience, the professionalism, the careful study of the market needs, the constant research for the latest innovations in terms of materials and technologies, have made the company a point of reference for the preparation of shops at national level.

In the catalogue, Masp also offers display solutions for leather goods and accessories stores, a particular and refined category that needs an adequate context. In fact, in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to small items and which are complementary to outfits such as leather goods and accessories, the environment and the context are a fundamental element for displaying an article properly, thus rendering it attractive to customers.

This is why we feature specific displays for such products, with elegant and stylish design lines, so as to convey identity and character to the store.

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Furnishing for leather goods shops: beautiful, functional and durable

The company puts itself forward in the market of the preparation of commercial activities for the design, production and sale, according to customer requests and needs.

All products are made with care and attention to any detail, to furnish and enrich the venue.

Composable modular display solutions make it possible to adapt furniture for leather goods and accessories shops to all environments, in order to make the best use of the available space. Both for the small boutique and for the big shop it is possible to provide the perfect set-up to create a cosy and pleasant store for customers and salesclerks.

A range of different displays to furnish your shop

In the catalogue you can see all the display solutions manufactured by Masp, available in different materials, styles and colour ranges, to create your ideal store. The shelving and furniture shall express the identity and style of the business to the best, framing the items for sale and in a sense completing them.

Hence you can find: displays for small objects, shelving with mobile components, clothes hangers of various types, wall shelving displays provided with hooks and particular accessories for leather goods, sales counters, small display cases, staved panels and cases moreover further furnishing complements that are suitable to sharpen up the shop.