Furniture for clothing store

The furnishing of a shop in the fashion sector is one of the main aspects that defines its identity and character. It is hence essential to take care of the relevant design and style, so as to insert your products in such a setting and enhance them to the fullest. Masp takes care of advisory, design and operation for the preparation (or renewal) of sale outlets selling clothing for men, women, children and its furnishing complements can boast style and attention to detail.

Therefore the furniture made by the company does not simply cover a practical function in the sale outlet, but becomes an integral part of the environment and enriches it with style, thanks to a set-up impeccable to the tee. By means of Masp solutions, the stores, whether small boutiques or large rooms, can become a place where it is pleasant to shop and work.

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High quality shop equipment at affordable prices

The display solutions offered are innovative and strategic, suitable to exploit the most of the available spaces in the best possible way; in fact, the company offers both modular structures and on-demand production of shelving for custom-made clothing stores, to reach a 360-degree customer requirements satisfaction.

The goal is to enhance the design of the space and the style of the store, always respecting the budget and the preset times.

In the fashion industry in particular, looks also count, for this reason the displays inserted in such set-up must be practical and functional, as well as beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.
A customer who enters a clothing shop wants to find the garments orderly and tidily arranged, to understand at a glance what may arouse his interest and this is possible if the articles are placed in appropriate displays.

The shop assistant on the other hand needs to use easily manageable furniture complements to work in a practical and comfortable way. All this is possible thanks to a specialized technical team and a production department well supplied with advanced technologies.

All the furniture and shelving of the clothing store in the catalogue

The furniture complements for clothing stores featured by Masp include a range of versatile and easily composable items, perfect for enriching the environment and improving the different types of products. Browsing the catalogue you will find: shelving for clothing store in different shades, dressing tables with modern or classic design, displays with particular shapes, adaptable and adjustable, fixed and mobile clothes hangers, exhibition walls, floor display, sale counters, exhibitors with hangers, seats, staved panels and everything you may need in a fashion industry shop.