Equipment for spare parts for printers stores

The display solutions by Masp are known and renowned nationally as a high quality product, despite their competitive price. This is possible thanks to a long-lasting experience in the sector, to the professionalism and ability of the company to always look towards the future, while remaining anchored in the precision and meticulousness of the traditional craftsmanship.

The furnishings are then manufactured with the best innovative materials and advanced technologies, always under the watchful eye of artisans, finishing and caring them in detail. The furnishing solutions proposed for cartridges and printers shops reflect this way of working and that is why when you enter a sale outlet set-up like that you remark it.

A shop furnished with Masp displays is cosy and comforting, with well sorted, orderly and easily available products. This is possible thanks to a line of furniture and displays for printer cartridges designed and then realized with the aim of enhancing the product, framing it and presenting it to the customer in the best way, who will be attracted and will be more inclined to purchase it.

Hence the profiles are simple and linear, in order to remain always overshadowed compared to the goods, while rearranging it to the best thanks to a structure designed specifically for the same.

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Case History
Case History

Custom-made equipment and displays for printer cartridges

Masp Arredamenti puts itself forward in the field of sales outlets equipment for different services, ranging from manufacture and sales, to design and setting out, based on customer requests. All products are made with loving care and attention, not only to contain the goods, but to furnish and enrich the store.

This is possible thanks to a series of modular displays, composable according to the needs, which allow you to create the perfect solution for the target environment. The space is thus exploited in the best way and the printer cartridge shop becomes comfortable and pleasant for both the clientele and the salesman working there.

A wide range of furnishings for cartridges and printers shops

In the catalogue you can browse several display solutions manufactured by Masp, featured in different materials, styles and colours, to achieve the ideal furniture for your cartridges and printers sale outlet.

The shelves, specific for these products, and all the furnishings of the store shall be suitable to reveal the core nature and the way of working in that business to the best, framing the different products on sale and proposing them in their best shape to the public. Therefore we boast: sales counters, shelving, display cases, wall shelving units with hooks for cartridges and accessories, drawer units and display cases with doors for the unexposed product, floor counters and all what can be needed in this sector.