Equipment for newsstands and tobacco shops

Masp Arredamenti is a company with many years of experience in the equipment sector of different sale outlets, now a reference point nationally thanks to competitive prices and high quality standards. To best furnish commercial spaces, whether large or small, with a regular or particular plan, the company offers a range of original "tailor-made" display solutions, thanks to a strategic modular composition.

The finishes, the materials and colours can be customized to create the desired store. In the Masp product catalogue there are also displays and furnishings for the world of newsstands and tobacco shops, suitable to meet the practical needs of whom works there and of those entering as a customer.

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Equipment for newsstands and tobacco shops

Furniture for tobacco shops and such like: several high quality items

The technical catalogue of the company offers a complete range of furniture and shelving for tobacco shops, newsstands, stationery stores, betting offices, printer spare parts stores, at the best market prices and with high quality standards. Each product is 360 °-well-finished to be refined from the aesthetic point of view, as well as functional and practical. The quality of the display solutions is evident above all over the time, when the Masp furnishings remain unaltered for years, as new. We therefore offer shelving, counters for newsstands and tobacco shops, display cases, displays for printer cartridges, drawer units, cases with doors, equipped walls, automatic shelf pushers and everything necessary for the sector.