Furniture for tabacco stores

The display solutions boasted by Masp, a leader in the field of equipment for commercial activities, are the perfect result of a philosophy that looks towards innovation and technology, without ever forgetting traditional craftsmanship. The furnishing complements proposed, are therefore so beautiful, finished and functional, as high quality and durable over time.

The Masp product catalogue features a line of equipment for tobacconists, designed and then manufactured to optimize the space to the fullest, even when the room is small or has a particular layout. The modularity of the furnishing solutions proposed allows, according to the individual needs, to compose your own furnishings for tobacco stores, which thus become substantially "made to measure".

Upon request, a well-matched team of experienced technicians will provide for designing and then performing of ad hoc solutions according to the desired sizes, materials and designs. The customer shall be granted a 360 degree support up to the final preparation of the store, having then the guarantee of finding a point of reference in the company for assistance.

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Beautiful and functional shelving for tobacco shops

Running a tobacco store is a type of business in which tidiness and organization are key elements and furniture should reflect and meet such needs.

This is possible only if the display solutions are designed and then manufactured for this specific sector, which sometimes also requires very special structures for certain product categories.

Each type of product, from the pack of cigarettes, to the book, to the magazine, to other types of packaging, need specific displays that meet the practical needs of the operator who manages them and those of visual merchandising.

In fact, the product should always be enhanced and the furniture has simply to frame it, without ever overshadowing the item. That is why Maps furnishings for tobacco stores are implemented in order to enrich the items, making management even easier.

Furniture for tobacco stores: a wide selection of products

The shelves for tobacco stores featured in the catalogue are many and varied, in order to be suitable to the available space and the customer's wishes. The materials are many and different, from wood, to metal, plexiglass, glass, as well as the lines, ranging from the most classic to the most modern.

Thanks to the wide range of Masp items, the tobacco store manager shall have the possibility to recreate in his store the environment he has always desired for himself and his customers. You can find: shelving, tobacco stores of various types and sizes, dispensers, automatic shelf pushers, sales counters, glass display cases, equipped walls, cases with doors, drawer units etc.