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Masp stands out in the field of commercial activity equipment for the quality of products, the solidity of the structures and for the ability to create solutions that are perfectly adaptable to any environment. This is possible thanks to the implementation of an innovative concept implying the creation of modular, composable or custom-made structures, hence being suitable to reflect the available space to the best.

Each product is made with excellent materials to create shelving of various kinds able to contain and present the items in the best way, enhancing their characteristics and proposing them to the public, so that they are even more attractive and interesting. A well-structured and quality furniture is probably the best marketing technique that a business can perform.

Masp offers a beautiful and attractive specific line for the fashion industry. Those looking for shelving displays, wall shelvings, platforms can therefore find everything they need to create their new store or for the restyling of the current one. The aim of the various proposals is always to create a functional, comfortable shop where it is pleasant to work, but which also meets the needs in terms of elegance and style. The lines are different, in several colours and materials, what remains constant is the trendy style and the quality of the product.

The displays for shops in the fashion industry are distinguished by the product category: there are therefore furnishings for outlets boasting shoes and accessories, such as bags or wallets; shelving for children or adults clothing stores, wall shelving for shirts or shoes, floor platforms, comfortable seats for customers and much more.

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Display solutions for the fashion industry shops

Masp features a range of displays for businesses selling any kind of product, in addition to fashion. The types of display shelving, wall shelving , counters are different depending on the type of item sold, the environment and available space. It does not matter if the store is small, medium or has a large surface, the proposed furnishing solutions are many, different and really convenient, while maintaining high the quality level.

The company therefore offers a wide range of displays of all types for electronics, perfume, parapharmacies, childcare and games, hardware stores, car and motorcycle dealers and all what is part of the non-food division. Thanks to Masp display solutions, the premises will be so cutting-edge, functional and comfortable as they are beautiful, elegant and refined. The display will be the best that can be requested for that precise type of item, in order to convey to it an excellent presentation within the space.

Display facilities for food stores

Setting-up a shop dealing with the food sector on the one hand means satisfying the conservation needs of foods, so that quality and freshness can be guaranteed, and on the other, enhancing them in the eyes of the customer, to then favour the purchase. In this regard Masp provides displays of different kinds to combine the requirements of a food store: miniracks, displays for beverages, food wall shelving, wooden gondola shelving displays, wooden wall shelving displays, bakery and pastry counters, candies displays, food gondola shelving and various kinds of display shelving, even for storage.

Therefore, those looking for display structures for bars and pastries, for restaurants, for fruit and vegetable shops, for bakeries or for any other type of commercial activity dedicated to the sale of food goods, shall find anything needed at Masp, with the guarantee to purchase high quality products at the best market prices.