Cutting-edge technology

Masp, the commercial display solutions you were looking for

Masp stands out in the field of production of shop equipment for the quality, seriousness, professionalism and flexibility in responding to customer needs. Thanks to a range of variegated and versatile products, the company proposes itself to the public as the best answer to the demand for excellent display solutions with high aesthetic performance.

The long-term experience, accompanied by the continuous research for satisfaction of customer requests, makes Masp a trusted point of reference for small and large companies. This was possible exclusively thanks to the unstoppable desire for growth, evident in the constant research for innovative materials and the most advanced technologies, as well as an excellent management and organizational solidity, which not surprisingly, led the company to be awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification by Asacert.

Several products to meet all requirements

The company manages to offer its customers high-level display solutions, extremely versatile thanks to composable structures, available in a wide variety of dimensions, which allow to suit different environments obtaining in all cases an excellent aesthetic result, equally perfect to the tee. The production of furniture for stores by Masp, provides multiple solutions so as to meet all market demands. Hence we propose furniture for commercial activities within the fashion sector, such as displays, wall shelving, seats and shelving; display counters, platforms and furnishing solutions for commercial shops of any other kind; exhibition furniture, gondola shelving, display cases for sale outlets

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