Metal shelving

When furnishing a commercial activity, of whatever kind it is, we should arrange to organize the space in order to create a comfortable environment both for the final target and for the staff who is going to work there. That is why Masp offers its customers furnishing solutions suitable to reflect the image of an organized, orderly, tidy and quality products outlet.

Thanks to strategic and ready-to-use modular structures, the company is able to offer a line of custom-made metal shelving that fit the available space to the tee, taking advantage of even tight corners and optimizing the heights.

Specific products are proposed for each merchandise category so as to manage to better enhance each item and make it accessible to the end customer, which will consequently be more inclined to purchase it. The competitive prices of the proposed solutions, in relation to a high quality, allow to improve the image and the results of your own business without the necessity of big investments. The excellent after-sales service of Masp also guarantees maximum reliability and prompt assistance in case of any problem.

Display solutions of all types and sizes

The metal shelving proposed by Masp boasts excellent quality and solidity, destined to last over time and to perfectly suit even for future use destination changes. The modularity of these display solutions allows, in fact, great flexibility: they can be adapted to suit your needs, for example, to respond to stock rotation based on seasonality or simple layout changes.

The proposed metal furniture can optimize the space to the best, adapting itself to any need in terms of storage in the warehouse or presentation of items to the public. These shelving is for example ideal for: small or medium-sized businesses, supermarkets, offices, shops, workshops, bakeries, hardware stores, pharmacies, shirt stores etc.

The types of metal furniture are varied, as well as colours, designs, dimensions, materials, so the customer can select the display solution that best suits his product sector. The quality of the materials and the carefully studied and tested structure of the proposed solutions, allow the clientele to have available durable, sturdy, solid furniture with a high standard of safety even in the case of heavy goods.

The experienced and courteous Masp staff is available to provide its customers with all the necessary assistance before and after the sale of shelving: from the choice of furniture, to the design, to the final equipment, to the maintenance.

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