Equipment for stores

When furnishing a shop, it is advisable that the furniture is appropriate to the space, the type of goods you want to sell and the customer you are addressing to. Masp is at the service of those who want to open a new store or those who want to renew their own, offering the expertise, the quality, precision and punctuality which have distinguished the company for several years. The customer will be followed by skilled personnel in all the stages of setting up the shop and will be accompanied in the best choice to make their business successful starting from the basics.

The shop equipments realised by the company are diversified according to the needs and the sector of competence. They are carefully conceived starting from the design in order to offer something lasting over time, safe, usable by its target, in affinity with the corporate image and able to distinguish the sale outlet of the customer from that of the competitors.

Thanks to the display solutions created by Masp you will get a well-arranged and organized shop both for the end customer and for those who work there every day. The furnishings, beautiful and elegant, will be well arranged and structured to give space for movement, but at the same time to better contain and enhance the goods. These shall appear in their best shape, they shall be easy to reach and usable.

Shelving and furniture for shops: the wide choice by Masp

The furnishing of a store can tell a lot about the personality of the brand, for this reason it is necessary that it reflects its quality and reliability. The styles, sizes, colours and materials available are different, as well as the product categories. The company offers many solutions of shop equipment to meet every need: cash desks, tables to lay the goods, shelving, armchairs, stands, shelves with staved panels and all what can contribute to make the relationship between seller and customer and between goods and customers effective and practical.

Thanks to tailor-made display solutions, it is possible to easily obtain a good looking and extremely functional environment, well compartmentalized and easy to use, even in the case of a space with particular shapes, too wide or narrow and cramped.

The final result in all cases will be the one of an orderly, professional, organized sale outlet and not less importantly compelling and transparent to the customer. The latter will feel at ease and will have the best display of the product and, consequently, will certainly be more eager to purchase. In this sense, display solutions can be considered one of the most effective secrets of your marketing strategy.

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